Roy Morgan Research Pty Ltd

Roy Morgan Research, established in 1941, is Australia's most experienced and largest locally-owned research company. We are a full service research agency, with over 400 employees. We have offices throughout Australia and in the US, UK, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Since its inception, Roy Morgan Research continues to be a pioneer in developing and implementing research systems and methodologies of the highest standards.

A division of Roy Morgan International is Mapes & Ross Communications Research, a US-based company with 30 years experience in advertising measurement using the 'Natural Exposure' method - a technology we are adopting across the company for use by our clients.

Roy Morgan Single Source

Roy Morgan Single Source provides 'must-have' marketing insights across a wide range of industries, with product, services and media consumption based on a national sample of more than 50,000 Australians, aged 14+.

Industries covered include automotive, beverages, fast food, finance (the currency for consumer finance behaviour in Australia), FMCG, gambling, groceries, retail, smoking, telecommunications, health and pharmaceuticals, tourism, media consumption, and attitudes and lifestyles, as well as Roy Morgan Values Segments (devised by Michele Levine of Roy Morgan Research and Colin Benjamin of The Horizons Network), NEO's and other useful segmentations. Any selected target group can be directly linked to any other combination of data.

Roy Morgan Single Source is also conducted in New Zealand, the US, UK and Indonesia.

The overriding benefit of Roy Morgan Single Source is the strategic insights it affords by the linkage of information and insights, allowing an organisation's profitable customers and non-customers to be pinpointed based on what they think, do, watch and read. Hence brand positioning, product differentiation, merchandising, efficient media planning, market expansion, and line extension opportunities can all be enhanced.

The Roy Morgan Online Store provides instant access to some of the world's most insightful, robust consumer research. Purchase a snapshot of your customers or your competitors' customers. Detailed profiles are available for many companies' customers and all kinds of target groups such as supporters of particular sports, tourists to particular destinations, and users of certain technologies as well as many more. Profiles are available for USA, UK, NZ, Indonesia and Australia. Visit our store from our website and view the growing range!

The Roy Morgan Readership Survey, a part of Roy Morgan Single Source, is Australia's foremost media usage measurement and the currency within the media industry. We also measure TV, radio, cinema, Internet, Pay TV, Letter Box and Outdoor Activity.

Our Young Australians Survey measures a wide range of behaviours and attitudes of 6-13 year olds on a continual basis year round.

Customised Research

In addition to our syndicated research services, we are also one of Australia's leading providers of customised research services and offer a wide array of traditional qualitative and quantitative methodologies as well as innovative research products and solutions.

Roy Morgan Research Servicesprovides a cost-effective, high quality field and tabulation service to clients who do not require consulting on questionnaire design and project methodology, both within Australia and internationally.

Roy Morgan 'Launchpad' provides clients with unmatched customer profiling and targeting capability to aid with new product launches.

The Reactor is a moment-by-moment visual tracking tool which can be applied to advertising assessment, political debates and perceptual analyses.

Access Panel,identifying minority markets through Roy Morgan Single Source, hones in on their specific needs.

The Morgan Pollis a public opinion currency for governments and institutions all over Australia and the accuracy of our work as Australia's leading pollster is well recognised.

Modelling is an inherent part of our business.  We provide a service to support the growing needs of direct marketing- we can use our modelling techniques to rank customer lists with propensity scores for the sale of specific products and services. Our Geographic Information System (GIS) converts the insights from Roy Morgan Single Source into geographically based opportunities.

ASTEROID is the gold standard in the management and analysis of data. We have developed ASTEROIDnot only for use in data collected by Roy Morgan Research but also as a universal analysis tool which can be applied across any market research information.

At Roy Morgan Research our mission is to develop partnerships not just clients.

Each and every one of our Australian offices has been granted the Quality Certification Standard of ISO 9001 and ISO 20252; we are proud to maintain these as evidence of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Established: 1941
Employees: 50 and more
Qualitative research: Yes
Quantitative research: Yes
Panel: Yes


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