Capeesh! is a market research company that specialises in Customer Satisfaction. With over 14 years of experience and one of the first companys in Australia to establish mystery shopping effectively on-line. Capeesh! operation covers the whole of Australia and New Zealand.

Capeesh! Services

  •  Mystery shopping (customer service evaluation).
  •  Customer satisfaction surveys. 
  •  On-line surveys. 
  •  Telephone surveys. 
  •  Door to door. 
  •  Intercept surveys.  
  •  Self completion - by mail, by email, on-line . 
  •  Central location.

Capeesh! Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping goes by many names:
secret shoppers, mystery customers, spotters, anonymous audits, virtual customer,
employee evaluations, performance audits, mystery checks

  •  Capeesh! operation covers the whole of Australia and New Zealand. 
  •  Over 45,000 researchers registered with Capeesh! database. 
  •  Over 1,000 researchers used every month. 
  •  Researchers - all walks of life but specifically tailored to suit the requirments of each project. 
  •  Trained - trained by our qualified team of recruiters. 
  •  Briefed - researchers are briefed on every job and every audit regardless of experience. 
  •  Checked - all audits are checked through our quality assurance program. 
  •  Over 20,000 audits conducted each year.

Capeesh! On-Line

  • All design and programming is individually tailored to meet our clients needs. No two research programs are the same.  
  • Costs streamlined - all recruiting, data processing and reporting is in-house. Capeesh! does not subcontract any of its work. 
  • Capeesh! is its own host and on-line designer. 
  • To the far reaches of Australia and New Zealand. 
  • Data and reporting - as 95% is on-line the data is entered directly into the Capeesh! database and reporting is instant. 
  • Correct data - extremely accurate as there is no double handling. The data is checked for correctness and processed immediately.

Capeesh! On-Line Success

  • Immediate results - fast turn around of surveys, data and reports. 
  • Training success - immediate impact on training. 
  • Tracking - by question, date, store, area, state, individual...... 
  • Accountable - managers and employees are accountable for their performance good or indifferent. 
  • Marketing focus - analyse data over a marketing drive period. 
  • Abundance of reports - every single piece of data is recorded and reported to suit your every requirment. 
  • Up selling - tracking/zooming in on extremely important aspects of your business. 
  • Measuring change - through mystery shopping your company can effectively measure all aspects of change.

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Employees: Unknown
Qualitative research: Yes
Quantitative research: Unknown
Panel: Yes


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Somerton Park, 5044

Phone: 61 + 8 + 8358 2222