Advantages of working with a company associated with the AMSRS or AMSRO

A market research company that associates with the AMSRS (Australian Market & Social Research Society) or the AMSRO (Association of Market and Social Research Organisations) are usually the companies that are most committed to the market research industry. An market research company can become a member of the AMSRO and gain the AMSRO Trust Mark. Market research professionals can personally become a member of the AMSRS.

Working with a market research company that bears the AMSRO Trust Mark

The Trust Mark is a seal of endorsement that ensures AMSRO Member Companies are compliant with the highest ethical standards, particularly in regards to privacy. It also provides buyers of research the assurance that their data is protected.

There are three criteria AMSRO member companies must meet to qualify for the Trust Mark: adhere to the Privacy (Market & Social Research) Code and the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour, plus hold the International Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research certification (ISO 20252).

AMSRO members are awarded the Trust Mark as part of their membership once they have met the strict criteria. To maintain the Trust Mark, AMSRO member companies will take part in an independent ISO audit, must comply with AMSRO's co-regulated privacy code and participate in ongoing member training.

Source: AMSRO

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Working with market research professionals who are AMSRS members

AMSRS members are bound to observe the Code of Professional Behaviour, which covers both the ethics and standard conditions of conducting and reporting marketing research. The Code defines market and social researchers' responsibilities to their respondents, to their clients and to the community at large. The AMSRS Code conforms to international standards and has been modified for the Australian market.

Important benefits for clients of market research agencies:

  • Market research must always be conducted according to the principles of fair business practice.
  • Information about the client's business, (market research) data and findings remain confidential unless both parties (client and researcher) agree otherwise.
  • Researchers must provide clients with all technical details of any research project carried out for them.
  • Research findings must always be reported accurately and never used to mislead.

Important benefits for respondents:

  • The respondent shall remain anonymous to anyone not directly involved in the research project unless the respondent actively chooses to lose this anonimity.
  • Respondents must be able to check identity and bona fides of researchers without difficulty.
  • Respondents co-operation in a market research project is voluntary at all times.

These benefits have been taken from the full text of the Code of Professional Behaviour of the AMSRS. This summary cannot be taken as a substitute for the full Code. Download the full code from the AMSRS website.

Source: AMSRS

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